Fantasy Art

New Art! Wyvern Hunting Prints available through my shop.

Wyvern Hunting

The Elementals: a personal series pairing the four elementals with musical instruments.

digital painting of blue and purple water elemental with female head and torso and fish serpent tail playing a shell lyre with orange and red flames coming out of it by christine mitzuk
Water Elemental
digital painting of earth elemental man with antlers surrounded by green flame playing the drum by christine mitzuk
Earth Elemental









female character as fire elemental paired with a violin painted digitally in Photoshop by Christine Mitzuk
Fire Elemental
digital painting of female air elemental playing a flute calling up wind filled with fairies by Christine Mitzuk
Air Elemental










Astrological Imagery: A sampling from the 13 images created and published for Llewellyn's 2015 Astrological Calendar.

Many of these portfolio pieces are available as prints for purchase. You can find many of them, as well as the astrology series, in my online shop. If you saw something at a convention and aren't seeing it on my site or shop, or want to discuss a commission feel free to email me.