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Here's a little peek at the oil painting of my Bear Cliffs project.

P.S. I'll be set up during Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl Friday - Sunday May 15 - 17. Details coming soon.

Bear Cliffs Oil Paint Progress Shot
Bear Cliffs Oil Paint Progress Shot

New pencil figure drawing!

This is a study I did during the Costumed Figure Class I teach at The Atelier.

Study of a woman in a fancy dress, with a flower in her hair.
Pencil on bristol board, approximately 7"x11".
Why the bargain bin pricing? I really like how the drawing turned out but there are 2 small puncture holes in the upper right corner.



Recently we were introduced to a resource to save money on food: Fare For All.

fare for all saving money on groceries

From their site, "Fare For All uses a cooperative food purchasing model that utilizes volume buying power.  Fare For All purchases produce and meat in large quantities at wholesale prices.  Participants are then able to buy their share of the bulk order for up to 40% savings."

It's open to anyone and everyone. Depending on the season, the food might be locally grown or brought in from out of state. You can learn more on their About page:

How much does it cost and how long does it last?

There's two adults in our family. For $20 we can purchase a box of meats (4-5 different items) and a box of produce (baker potatoes, carrots, onions, and 2-3 different types of fruit). We don't eat a lot of meat so that lasts us about 3-4 weeks. The produce lasts about 2 weeks. How long the food lasts will depend on your own family size and eating habits. They also have several different packages at different costs. We do need to round out the groceries from the regular store (milk, cheese, peanut butter, etc) but we are still saving money. Who doesn't like that?

Where is this place?

There are many pick up or purchase sites around town, or you can visit their warehouse every other Monday. At some sites you can just drop in and purchase what you want, other sites require you pre-order for pick up. Check for locations on the Find a Site page:

Happy saving!

Come join the fun!

Enrich your summer by learning and playing with art. I will be offering 3 classes and one workshop for the 2015 summer session. All classes are held at the Minneapolis based art school The Atelier. It is located in the Fisk Building on the corner of East Hennepin Ave. and Stinson. Free off street parking is available.

Gesture Class is Back!

gesture drawingGestural Figure Study
Gain a better understanding of gesture of the figure. This class will mesh The Atelier and Studio Arts figure study methods. We will be drawing from a live, nude model. Students will explore what gesture is and ways to capture it through quick poses, progressively longer poses, and experimentation. Materials list will be supplied upon registration. Beginners welcome.

Starting TUESDAY, May 19, 4:15 - 6:45 PM
$200, 10 weeks

Registration information is at the bottom of this post.


Illustration Class

digital painting of the astrological sign Aries by christine mitzuk to be used in Llewellyn's 2015 Astrological CalendarLet your imagination fly! During this class, students will develop imaginative pieces based upon a story or individual ideas. We will move from idea generation to preparatory work and on to final art. Emphasis will be placed on composition, and storytelling. Students may choose to work in the medium with which they are comfortable. Christine has experience to support watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, or oil paint.

Starting Thursday, May 28, 7:00- 9:30
$170, 10 weeks

Registration information is at the bottom of this post.


Portrait and Interior Class

Christine Mitzuk Portrait Class

Make your own magic! Learn to create beautiful portraits from classically trained professional artist Christine Mitzuk. Beginner and intermediate students welcome.

Students draw in charcoal and may progress to oil or pastels. The portrait model will be set within an interior. Advanced students can take advantage of the entire composition. Capturing the likeness is emphasized. Color and techniques in oil and pastel are covered.

Starting TUESDAY, May 19, 7:00 - 9:30 PM
OR THURSDAY, May 21, 7:00 - 9:30 PM
$200, 10 weeks for either the Tuesday or Thursday class. You are welcome to sign up for both if you'd like more time to develop your portrait.
Instructors: Christine Mitzuk (Tues.) & Laura Tundel (Thurs.)

Registration information is at the bottom of this post.

Illustration Workshop (1 week)

watercolor of hummingbirds singing in a barbershop quartet by Christine MitzukLet your imagination fly! Get a taste of illustration during this week long, half-day workshop.

We’ll work to develop a strong drawing for an imaginative piece based upon an existing story or your own idea.

Topics covered will include composition, brainstorming, thumbnails, research, sketch development, and studies for value and color. Emphasis will be placed on composition, and storytelling.

female character as fire elemental paired with a violin painted digitally in Photoshop by Christine Mitzuk
Fire Elemental

For the first class please bring a sketchbook, and your preferred drawing tools. If you have a laptop or other device with internet access, bring that too for reference research. If you have a specific project in mind, please contact me (

July 13 - 17, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$200, 1 week

Register for classes one of four ways:

Option 1: Call The Atelier at 612-362-8421. Main hours are 9am - 4pm Central Time or during evening classes. Please leave a message if you don't get a live person.
Option 2: Print out the registration form from the course catalog PDF. As I write this the latest course catalog is not yet posted to the site. The form is the same every session so you can use the most recent PDF. Just the course offerings change a bit.
Option 3: Print out this form, fill it out, and mail it to The Atelier, along with payment. See form for instructions.
Option 4: Contact me and I'll help you out,

It is complete! The pencil drawing for Bear Cliffs is ready. Next I'll scale it up by scanning it and having it printed at 16"x20". Then I'll transfer it to the board for oil paint. I'm excited to start painting!

fantasy art called bear cliffs pencil drawing on vellum by christine mitzuk
Pencil drawing on vellum, created in preparation for an oil painting. I needed to figure out the values before I started the painting.