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unicorn show 2017 banner

Only two weeks away! The third Unicorn Art Show will magically appear in Northeast Minneapolis. I will have three pieces in the show this year. My art will be there but I have another commitment so won't make it to the show. I'm bummed about this because I've been able to get sneak peeks at what some of the other artists have created and WOW I wish I could see the work in person.

metalpoint drawing in a shellHere's a peek at one of the pieces I've made. It's a tiny silverpoint drawing done in a shell. For this one I brushed onto the shell a little Silverpoint Drawing Ground. Each piece is framed with frames that have a hint of weathered beach cottage about them.

Side note: I purchased the frames from Hang It (I don't get anything from Hang It for mentioning them here, I just think they have great customer service so want to share).

Opening night is Saturday, April 8
7:00 - 11:00 PM CDT
at Artspace Jackson Flats
901 18 1/2 Ave NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

For more information, visit the show's Facebook event page

Follow on Instagram! If you missed the show last year, you can see some of the work on Instagram as well as some sneak peeks of some new work


Art Academy Artists Talk: Christine Mitzuk on the Creative Process

digital painting of the morrigu as she realizes her potential as a goddess by Christine Mitzuk
The Morrigu

On Friday March 24 I'll be giving a free artist talk at Wet Paint over in St. Paul. I'll be speaking the creative process as it pertains to image making and show the various steps I took to create some of my pictures. These same steps are what I coach people through in our Wednesday evening class at The Art Academy.

Free Event!
March 24, 2017 @ 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Wet Paint Artists' Materials & Framing
1684 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105

Event Description:

Creative play time included!

Learn about Christine’s upcoming class at The Art Academy  “Imaginative Art Inspiration Space” Christine will talk about the class, present some of her work, and the creative process she uses which she also teaches in her class. We’ll also spend some time playing in the creative sandbox.

The Art Academy class description:

Wednesdays 8-9:30pm
“Explore your creativity by developing an imaginative picture based upon an existing story that you select, or an idea that you originate. Work at your own pace to learn the time-honored steps of the creative, visual process – from idea generation, through preparatory work, to completed project. Emphasis will be placed on storytelling through composition and character development, as well as how color theory enhances visual communication. Students choose to work in the medium with which they are comfortable. Christine has experience to support watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, or oils.”

12"x16" prints of the four elementals matted and framed and hanging on a wall at lodestone coffee and gamesGaming + Coffee + Art!

Starting this week some of my art will be on display at Lodestone Coffee and Games in Minnetonka, MN. Currently NEW large versions of the four elementals are available for viewing and purchase.

For this new limited edition print run of the elementals, I've made them about 12"x16". There will be 5 artist proofs, and 10 prints in the run for a total of 15 prints at this size. Each is printed on archival paper with archival inks. For the show the pieces are matted and framed to fit 16"x20" frames (outer dimensions are slightly larger). These pieces at this 12"x16" size will only be available at select shows, not online. Fear not, the 8"x10" limited edition prints are currently still available.

Lodestone Coffee and Games is a fun shop with a variety of games to purchase or try out. Plus they host gaming events. Check them out here


A few of my bristle brushes have splayed out so I experimented on how to reshape them.

On most bristle brushes, the hairs have a slight natural curve to them. But with use they get out of shape. In "Painter's Handbook: Revised and Expanded" by Mark David Gottsegen, he suggests wrapping the bristles in a wax paper sleeve (after cleaning the brushes of course). I couldn't get the paper to stay put so I taped the wrapped brushes to a piece of old mat board. Then I smushed the brushes with another piece of mat board and clipped the edges. Brushes Wrapped with Wax Paper

Lightly Pressed Brushes

This did reshape some of them, a few didn't seem affected, and one is just too far gone. It was nicely reshaped the next day, but as soon as I got a bit of paint and OMS on it the bristles splayed out again (too much dried paint up in the ferrule probably from a rushed day). If I try this again, maybe I'll tape the wax paper sleeve to the ferrules so the brushes doesn't slip out.

Next I'll probably try what The Master's Brush Cleaner company recommends with their product (leaving a clean lather in the bristles to reshape it, let it dry, and then shake the powder off when you're ready to paint). This would be fore bristle brushes. I have no idea how or if this would work with sable brushes. (This isn't the only cleaner out there, do some research and see what you like).

Side note: If you do an internet search you can easily find many ideas for how to care for natural hair oil painting brushes. They all involve these general steps: wiping excess paint off the brush onto a rag and getting the paint out of the bristles using some sort of solvent (getting pretty much all the paint out of the brush before you lather it up so you're not sending paint down the drain or washing your brush with paint and soap), then cleaning and reshaping the brush with some sort of soap/brush cleaner.