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This coming Saturday is full of art!

oil painting of balloons ribbon and cupcakeThe MN Landscape Arboretum will be hosting a show of works from The Atelier titled "Breathing Classical Life into Today’s Art: Works from the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis".
Reception: Saturday, June 3 1:00-4:00 pm
There is a fee to enter the Arboretum but once inside the event itself is free. I will be displaying several works you most likely have seen before, however there are 4 other artists participating in the show who's beautiful work you most likely have not seen.
Learn more about this event here:

digital painting of water elemental mermaidNatur Ball: Hidden Persona
The Second event I'm participating in is Natur Ball: Hidden Persona
Saturday, June 3 at 6:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Location: Artspace Jackson Flats
901 18 1/2 Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

All are welcome and admission is free! There will be a child-friendly portion of the evening and a more adult portion of the evening. Opening night is a masquerade themed ball with Aerialist, Juggling, Fire breathing, Dance, and other fantasy themed performances!
Learn more about the Natur Ball here:

My 4 elementals printed to the larger size of 12"x16 will be on display as well as many more nature and fantasy inspired works from many different artists.

I hope to see you some time this weekend. Feel free to share this info with someone you think might enjoy either of the events.

Attend Our Atelier Instructor Art Show
and Fundraising Sale 2017

Friday, May 19, 2:00-9:00pm
Saturday, May 20, 12:00-8:00pm
Sunday, May 21, 12:00-5:00pm
(This is also the weekend of the 2017 Full Time Student Show).

Enjoy and purchase prints, drawings, watercolors, oils, and sculptures of figurative, still life, landscape, and imaginative artwork created by Artists and Instructors of The Atelier. A portion of the sales will be donated to The Atelier.

The Atelier is also having a raffle for a masterfully executed still life painting created by Dale Redpath, co-director of The Atelier. Cost of one ticket is $10, or 3 tickets for $25, and may be purchased until the time of the drawing. Find out more here

I plan to be there all three days and will have a lot of my imaginative art on display and for sale, both prints and originals. My metalpoint drawings on shells will be available, as well as many other works.

metalpoint drawing of a seamare unicorn on the inside of a seashell framed
Metalpoint on prepared shell, framed. Shell is approximately 1"x1", frame is 6"x6".
digital painting of blue and purple water elemental with female head and torso and fish serpent tail playing a shell lyre with orange and red flames coming out of it by christine mitzuk
Water Elemental

For more information about the show visit

The Atelier is located at
1681 East Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55414

What's in the box?

a box coverend in blue velvet, with gold colored metal framework and closure

Does anyone own the box? Where did it come from? Where was it found? Who made it?

Now go play. Give yourself 10-15 minutes. Write or doodle whatever comes to mind. It does not need to be "finished" or "perfect", just get the ideas out and play.

What is this? I'd like to offer up an opportunity to play and just let your mind wander.
Please enjoy.

Come join the fun!

Enrich your summer with art. I will be offering 3 classes and one workshop for the 2017 summer session. All classes are held at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis, MN. It is located in the Fisk Building on the corner of East Hennepin Ave. and Stinson. Free off street parking is currently available.

Registration information is at the bottom of this blog post.
The 10 weeks will have a break for Independence Day.

Gesture Class is Back!

gesture drawingGestural Figure Study
Gain a better understanding of gesture of the figure. This class will mesh The Atelier and Studio Arts figure study methods. We will be drawing from a nude model. Students will explore what gesture is and ways to capture it through quick poses, progressively longer poses, and experimentation. Materials list will be supplied upon registration. Beginners welcome.

Starting TUESDAY, May 23, 4:15 - 6:45 PM
$200, 10 weeks

Illustration Class

digital painting of earth elemental man with antlers surrounded by green flame playing the drum by christine mitzuk
Earth Elemental

Let your imagination fly! Explore the creative process in this imaginative art class. Students will develop imaginative pieces based upon a story or individual ideas. We will move from idea generation to preparatory work and on to final art. Emphasis will be placed on composition, and storytelling. Students may choose to work in the medium with which they are comfortable. Christine has experience to support watercolor, colored pencil, pen and ink, oil paint, or digital painting. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Starting THURSDAY, May 25, 7:00- 9:30
$170, 10 weeks
Edit 05/22/2017: As of last Friday, there is a wait list for the Illustration Class so if you haven't already signed up, email me or call the school. There is the possibility that a 2nd class might be formed.

Portrait and Interior Class

Christine Mitzuk Portrait Class

Make your own magic! Learn to create portraits from Atelier trained artist Christine Mitzuk. Beginner and intermediate students welcome.

Students draw in charcoal and may progress to oil or pastels. Capturing the likeness is emphasized. Depending on what each student works on, color and techniques in oil and pastel are covered.

Starting TUESDAY, May 23, 7:00 - 9:30 PM
$200, 10 weeks

A Thursday class is also available, taught by Laura Tundel.
Starting THURSDAY, May 25, 7:00 - 9:30 PM
You are welcome to sign up for both (for $400) if you'd like more time to develop your portrait.

Illustration Workshop (1 week)

watercolor of hummingbirds singing in a barbershop quartet by Christine MitzukLet your imagination fly! Get a taste of illustration during this week long, half-day workshop.

We’ll work to develop a strong drawing for an imaginative piece based upon an existing story or your own idea.

Topics covered will include composition, brainstorming, thumbnails, research, sketch development, and studies for value and color. Emphasis will be placed on composition, and storytelling.

For the first class please bring a sketchbook, and your preferred drawing tools. If you have a laptop or other device with internet access, you are welcome to bring that too for reference research. If you have a specific project in mind, please contact me.

June 26 - 30, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$200, 1 week

Register for classes one of three ways:

Option 1: Call The Atelier at 612-362-8421. Main hours are 9am - 4pm Central Time or during evening classes. Please leave a message if you don't get a live person.
Option 2: Print out the registration form from the course catalog PDF.
Option 3:  Contact me and I'll help you out,