Completed Art

I'm excited to show you The May Queen (this is the piece I posted about last week). She is a companion piece to Jack in the Green and prints of both are available through my online store. Both original paintings will be at my IlluXCon Showcase table this coming Friday, October 20th (8 p.m. to MIDNIGHT) and Saturday, October 21st (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.). IlluXCon is being held in Reading, PA. Learn more on their site.

oil painting of the may queen in color sauntering down a gray drab city street by christine mitzuk
May Queen, 12"x16" oil painting. Click JPEG to view larger.
pencil drawing on duralar of may queen walking down drab city street
May Queen, approximately 9"x12". preparatory drawing. Click JPEG to view larger.


WAter Elemental DrawingI needed this picture to tell a story and fit with the other three elementals but what story and how would it fit with the others?

This piece had a lot of iterations to explore ideas. At one point I had the water elemental as more of a Naiad at a waterfall or stream. The story fluctuated from languid, to serene, to joyous. They didn't quite seem to partner with the three existing images which seemed more energetic. Was I hearing the tinkling laughter of a stream, or the crash of waves? Was I feeling a gentle spray of water blown off a little waterfall in the middle of a quiet forest, or the pressure of ocean depths. Eventually I landed on the current story. And would it be vertical or horizontal? I decided horizontal since I only had one of those (Air) and two vertical pieces (Fire and Earth).4 Elementals

I'm excited to have the original drawing with me at IlluXCon this Friday and Saturday, as well as limited edition prints of all four elementals. The drawing is done with graphite pencil, a tiny bit of Creatacolor NERO Extrasoft for some of the very dark accents, and I think I used white Conté for the accent highlights. It's on Canson Vidalon Vellum. I drew the lines on one side, scanned the lines in for the digital painting, and then added values to the other side of the vellum.

See you soon, Pennsylvania!


Unicorn Art Show 2, Opening April 7, 2016

digital painting of a unicorn at the top of a hill on a winding path through the woods
"Glimpse of the Unicorn", digital painting, 12"x16"

I'm pleased to announce that I will be participating in the second annual Unicorn Art Show.

My piece, "Glimpse of the Unicorn" is inspired by a special place in northern Minnesota. It is a digital painting and I will be offering limited edition prints in two sizes.

The large image size is a 12"x16" Giclée and is printed on 13"x19" fine art archival paper using archival inks. The run will consist of 10 Artist Proofs and then 25 limited edition prints for a total of 35 prints. There will be a matted and framed large print on display and for sale in the show.

The smaller version will be 5"x7" and printed on heavyweight, bright white, matte paper, using Epson DuraBrite Ultra inks. This smaller size will have 5 Artist Proofs and then 45 limited edition prints for a total of 50 prints.

Date and Time of Show:
Thursday, April 7, 2016
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Edit: Casket Arts First Thursdays are actually 5 to 9pm but the opening lasts till 10 pm.
After 9pm the doors will be closed and no more shall be admitted.
Being First Thursday there will be a lot of awesome things happening in the building, including music!

Leg Up Studios - Casket Arts
681 17th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

I'm prepping for IlluXCon which takes place weekend in Allentown, PA. My newest originals, "Golden Dragon Eye", and "Voodoo Queen (Woman of Power)", are framed and ready for their debut!

Golden Dragon Eye (approximately 6"x6"), and Voodoo Queen (approximately 11x14") framed and ready to go.
Golden Dragon Eye (approximately 6"x6"), and Voodoo Queen (Woman of Power) (approximately 11x14") framed and ready to go.

You can see them in person this weekend. I will be in the evening Showcase Friday, October 23, 8:00 pm - midnight, and Saturday, October 24, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm. In addition to these paintings, I'll have a collection of original drawings, sketches, and limited edition prints for sale. You will find me sharing a table with the wonderful Galen Dara.

The Showcase is open to the public free of charge and will take place at the Allentown Center City Holiday Inn.

You're welcome to stop by and say, "Hi!"


She's done! I'm exited to show this finished piece. I'll have the framed "Voodoo Queen (Woman of Power)" painting, and the pencil drawing with me at IlluxCon during the evening Showcase 10/23 and 10/24.

Oil painting on sealed and gessoed masonite board.
Oil painting on sealed and gessoed masonite board.

This time I did an underpainting with acrylic Raw Umber and then painted with oils. It warmed things up a bit for me, and acted as a great start on arranging my values in paint.

acrylic underpainting using raw umber by christine mitzuk a woman in a cemetery
Acrylic Raw Umber underpainting.

Next week I'll be at Gen Con, July 30 - August 2, 2015. I'll have originals and limited edition prints available. Bear Falls will be there. I'll also have my dragon eye drawings and paintings on display and available for purchase. I'm really pleased with how I designed the framing of the little paintings. Here's a preview:

by christine mitzuk mini oil paintings of dragon eyes framed
Approximately 2"x2" framed oil paintings. Frame size approximately 5.25"x5.25".

This will be my third year at Gen Con. I'll be at a table again in Artist Alley. If you're at the con, stop by and say hi!

I went out with a local sketch group this last weekend and took the kit I mentioned in my last post with me.

Plein Air Watermedia Setup

Not bad. I ended up putting the little kit in my backpack stool. I decided to take the backpack so I could bring a water bottle, some sun screen, and a jug to carry my dirty water, plus a 12" ruler to measure off my working area. Sorry but the dirty water jug is in the backpack. It's an accordion storage bottle I bought ages ago from a photography supply shop. I take the dirty water home with me.

The pack is still pretty simple. Very nearly something I can just grab and go sketch. I'll need to use it a bit more to decide if there's anything I'd like to change.

gouachestudy_mitzukHere's my little painting: 5"x7", gouache on Jack Richeson Finest Studio Watercolor Paper. Roz Stendahl has a thorough review of the paper on her blog. It's a recycled paper made of 100% post-consumer waste, Cold Press and acid free.

Next I have my eye on a very small tin of mints that has been lying around our house. It's about the 1.5"x2"x.375". I figure I could put a dollop of a brown or sepia gouache in it. Paired with my Niji Waterbrush in my little sketch kit I'd be off and sketching.

Anybody else have a favorite combination of tools?

Come celebrate art and the completion of a painting!

bear cliffs studio shot by christine mitzuk
Bear Cliffs mostly complete. Just a few finishing touches left before this weekend's show!

My latest oil painting, Bear Cliffs, will be on display this weekend during Art-A-Whirl.

Many of my fantasy pieces will be displayed, as well as some portraits, and still life. I'll have originals, prints, note cards, and studies for sale.

Friday: May 15, 2pm - 9pm
Saturday: May 16, 1pm - 8pm
Sunday: May 17, 12pm - 5pm
Please note that my times are slightly different than the official Art-A-Whirl times. Also, I'm not in the official book so don't use that to find me. Use the address below.

I'll be set up in Cyd Wicker's studio: 1701 East Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55414, #285. Look for a big, brick building on the northwest corner of Stinson and East Hennepin.
It's in the same building as The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art: second floor, one studio down from The Atelier.

There is free, off-street parking, or you can skip driving and get a FREE Metro Transit pass for the whole event.

I hope to see you there!

*Art-A-Whirl is a huge open artist studio event in Northeast Minneapolis. To learn more about Art-A-Whirl, and find even more art to see visit the official site:

What could be better than roses that won't wilt? Give them to your sweetie or buy them for yourself to enjoy! These rich red roses are painted life size on an 8"x10" canvas panel. Yours for $150 + shipping (and tax if you're in MN).
Buy now through my Square Market page.


three red roses on black velvet background painted in oil paint by christine mitzuk
Half day study of red roses, painted in oil.

Here's a bit on the process for the Autumn Green Man.

After discussing the project via email, I did up a bunch thumbnails. The client got to see these two which I thought solved the challenge in a way closest to what we discussed.

autumn green man rough ideas done in pencil by christine mitzuk
Autumn Green Man rough ideas presented to client.

Then I did a tighter drawing with values - a combination of pencil on vellum. Then I deepened the values, painting them on the computer (in case your wondering, I use Photoshop).

autumn green man sketch using pencil on vellum by christine mitzuk
Tight sketch, pencil on vellum + digital. I drew the lines on one side of the vellum, then drew values on the other to set up value relationships. I scanned it in then darkened the values by painting over them in Photoshop.

Next I did a few color studies. You'll see we ended up combining elements from the first and third one. The blue-violet eyes were essential. The client will be using the final art as a visual reference for four beaded tapestry pieces. She'll make one for each season in different colors, but the eyes will remain the same color.

autumn green man color studies digital painting over scanned pencil drawing by christine mitzuk

Initially the goal was to make it look like a portrait but when I got to the final, it seemed flat. I experimented with different abstract shadow shapes to give a feeling of depth and make it seem like he was out in the woods with shadows cast by nearby branches. It wasn't part of the initial idea but liked liked it. Turned out the client liked it too. Win!

two versions of the autumn green man painted digitally by christine mitzuk
On the left is the piece finished to meet the initial goal. On the right is the Green Man seen through the shadows of the forest.

If you want to own a copy, I'm selling limited edition 8" x 10" prints of the final (the image on the right) online through my Square Market shop. If you're outside the U.S. and would like to make a purchase, contact me.