Creative Confidence

I've been curious about creativity lately: where it comes from, stumbling blocks, how to develop it, how to sustain it, how it works in different disciplines.

First I heard about the concept of "creative confidence" through a TED Talk with David Kelly titled How to Build Your Creative Confidence.

You can also find an article on the Harvard Business Review website

A lot of people equate being creative to something reserved for art/music/theater. I like that Mr. Kelly talks about creative confidence in the broader sense of challenges, and solution finding, not only making pictures. I also like that instead of "problem solving" they have reframed the idea of "problem" as "challenge".

There's also a book out on the same topic "Creative Confidence" by brothers David and Tom Kelly. You might be able to do what I did and listen to it through your local library service. There were some excellent examples of creativity in action in science, medicine, and business. You can learn more about the book on their site

If you don't think you're creative, I encourage you to take another look. You might like what you find.

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  1. It's an interesting subject, and one that I think of often. Another book I've heard of is Art & Fear: Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking. The white page can be pretty intimidating sometimes. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Christine!

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