Hands Study on Newsprint

We just finished up the portrait class I was teaching on Tuesday nights (thanks for posing Anna!). During the 10 weeks of the class I was able to do some head and hand studies. (Side note: If you're wondering, part-time/evening classes start again the week of September 14th.)

sketch study drawing of hands using derwent drawing pencils on newsprint by christine mitzukAnna's Hands Derwent Drawing Pencils on newsprint.

In this drawing, I was experimenting with a limited palette. I like some of what's going on in here, the warm and cool reds, the yellow shift. I was also experimenting with hatching direction.

Since I made this study on newsprint, it will degrade faster than if I had done it on acid-free or pH neutral paper (good thing I have a scanner). Newsprint is great for practice though because it's inexpensive. I've also been known to use printer paper.