IlluXCon 2015 Wrapup

IlluXCon 2015
Christine Mitzuk and Galen Dara at our shared table

I definitely want to do this show again. It's first come first serve for purchasing a table for the evening Showcase so I'll have to be quick on my feet.

Differing Opinions

One person commented that the prints of my latest painting didn't really look like the painting and suggested I not show them together. (Personally I think they're pretty dang close). Another person suggested that I DO show them, and in fact place them right next to each other. That way the print sells the painting. I tried both ways but didn't have enough time to really see which worked better.

Learning to Talk

Okay so I already know how to talk, but talking about my art in a sales situation is something I'm working on. Till now when someone approaches my table I've said things like, "Hi. How's it going?", or "have you been having a good time?", and "are you local?, and then finally "feel free to flip through anything. Let me know if you have any questions." At which point they start looking through the prints. Or "Are you looking for anything in particular?" To which they respond, "No I'm just looking". Pretty casual and kind of friendly but not really getting around to talking about the art.

Saturday I received some information from a very knowledgeable woman which I then tried Saturday evening at my table in the Showcase.

Ask the person something like "which one (piece) caught your eye?"

Follow up with something like "what about it drew you in?" or "what about it jumps out at you?"

If they're interested in a particular piece ask "would you like to hear more about that piece?" or "would you like to hear about my process?"

The part I had trouble with was "what's stopping you from walking home with it today?". This week I ran this past an artist friend of mine. He uses something a little more humorous, but still professional, so next I'll try that instead.

Sharing a Table

This was a great way to cut cost. I think we both had plenty of space to have a pretty decent display. The 14"x14" square grid system worked quite well. The grids and connectors all fit into my luggage with my art. The collapsible storage bins worked great as print bins and they also travel well. Next time I'll arrange it so the bins aren't in front of the hanging display. I had changed that late on evening 2 and slid the over to the right. It worked pretty well.

My largest framed painting was about 13" x 16". Anything larger and I don't think the 14"x14" grid system would work.

Here's a shot of our set up from Galen's side of the table. You can see more of her work on her site

IlluXCon 2015 the Other Side of the Table

I'm looking forward to doing this again next year!