In Art as in Yoga

I recently started taking yoga classes again.  One mindset that is encouraged is to be in the present moment and listen to what your body feels like or what it can or can't do just now.

Extended version of Sea Daydream done for an Infected by Art challenge.
Extended version of Sea Daydream done for an Infected by Art challenge.

Lately I'm finding this translates over to juggling art, business, and life in general. A new opportunity appeared that I felt I couldn't pass up which means other things that I wanted to do this month need to be shifted. Instead of whipping myself mentally to go faster or do more, this time around I'm trying to be more present with what I'm doing in the moment and then choosing what I feel is most important with the spaces of time around the main project. I say trying, not doing, because it's definitely something that will take practice.

Beating myself up over not getting x or y completed doesn't do me any good. Even a little time spent on the other projects I wanted to have done this month is still moving them forward.

Happy first day of Fall

One thought on “In Art as in Yoga

  1. Sooooooooo true! LOTS of truth here! Sometimes, being present and aware of what's happening in my body (because I've been trying to balance in this foot for two minutes already and WHAT?!? You want me to balance on my TOES NOW?!?) MAN! THAT, like nothing else out there, gets me out of my head and for those two minutes, makes me forget all the troubles.

    Be well :-)

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