Learning as I Teach

Sure, I get paid to teach. That helps keep me in art supplies. But I also get something else out of it.

I learn.

digital painting of the astrological sign Libra by christine mitzuk to be used in Llewellyn's 2015 Astrological Calendar

When I prepare materials or talk with a student, I have to think about what I know. I need to break it down into steps so I can communicate the process to draw a face, or a figure, create an illustration, or paint with oils or watercolor. Sometimes a step is so integrated into my process, it has become automatic. I have to reach back in memory and think about how I learned it. Why I do it.

One way of describing something doesn't always work with everyone, so I try to find different ways to talk about the same idea. One person might grasp a concept better through analogy. Another might be easier to communicate with through specific steps, or an "if-then" process flow.

I also see gaps clearer in my own learning. This is great because I enjoy researching the various art components and filling those gaps.

If you're looking for fun learning opportunities, my next teaching/learning opportunity starts next week. I'll be doing a week long illustration workshop at The Atelier. There are some spaces available. You can sign up by contacting The Atelier.

Art on!