Lesson Plans – Organizing Thoughts

sticky notes with ideas written on them arranged on a large white boardI run a color theory class at The Atelier. I've been wanting to create a Color 2 class for a while so I created some lessons and took myself though them to see if the takeaway for each one met my expectations of if I needed to make adjustments. Now I've been working on merging the Color 2 with the Color 1 lessons so both classes could be taught during the same time frame (hopefully they'll be separated next fall/winter).

But how the heck was I going to untangle all the ideas? I wanted the lessons to align thematically, one lesson to build on the other, and to utilize the class time in such a way that no one is left twiddling their thumbs.

Sticky notes to the rescue!

Each note has a lesson or theme written on it. We have 15 weeks to play with. Color 1 has 15 topics. Color 2 has about 7 or 8 but many of them have 2 parts. I think I have it sorted out. I'll let it sit for a bit and come back to it in a day or two to see if it still makes sense.

It's going to be a fun and interesting class. If you're curious about the class, feel free to email me: cmitzuk@gmail.com.