New Art: May Queen

I'm excited to show you The May Queen (this is the piece I posted about last week). She is a companion piece to Jack in the Green and prints of both are available through my online store. Both original paintings will be at my IlluXCon Showcase table this coming Friday, October 20th (8 p.m. to MIDNIGHT) and Saturday, October 21st (6 p.m. to 10 p.m.). IlluXCon is being held in Reading, PA. Learn more on their site.

oil painting of the may queen in color sauntering down a gray drab city street by christine mitzuk
May Queen, 12"x16" oil painting. Click JPEG to view larger.
pencil drawing on duralar of may queen walking down drab city street
May Queen, approximately 9"x12". preparatory drawing. Click JPEG to view larger.