Autumn Green Man Process

Here's a bit on the process for the Autumn Green Man.

After discussing the project via email, I did up a bunch thumbnails. The client got to see these two which I thought solved the challenge in a way closest to what we discussed.

autumn green man rough ideas done in pencil by christine mitzuk
Autumn Green Man rough ideas presented to client.

Then I did a tighter drawing with values - a combination of pencil on vellum. Then I deepened the values, painting them on the computer (in case your wondering, I use Photoshop).

autumn green man sketch using pencil on vellum by christine mitzuk
Tight sketch, pencil on vellum + digital. I drew the lines on one side of the vellum, then drew values on the other to set up value relationships. I scanned it in then darkened the values by painting over them in Photoshop.

Next I did a few color studies. You'll see we ended up combining elements from the first and third one. The blue-violet eyes were essential. The client will be using the final art as a visual reference for four beaded tapestry pieces. She'll make one for each season in different colors, but the eyes will remain the same color.

autumn green man color studies digital painting over scanned pencil drawing by christine mitzuk

Initially the goal was to make it look like a portrait but when I got to the final, it seemed flat. I experimented with different abstract shadow shapes to give a feeling of depth and make it seem like he was out in the woods with shadows cast by nearby branches. It wasn't part of the initial idea but liked liked it. Turned out the client liked it too. Win!

two versions of the autumn green man painted digitally by christine mitzuk
On the left is the piece finished to meet the initial goal. On the right is the Green Man seen through the shadows of the forest.

If you want to own a copy, I'm selling limited edition 8" x 10" prints of the final (the image on the right) online through my Square Market shop. If you're outside the U.S. and would like to make a purchase, contact me.