Losing Steam, Regaining Momentum

Sneak Peek of Work in ProgressThe piece is almost done. It just needs that something more to finish it up but I'm losing steam. Here are a few things that have helped me reinvigorate myself to finish a project.

Try and go back mentally and emotionally to that initial seed idea, or nugget that I got excited about in the first place. This doesn't mean redraw or repaint anything. It just means I'm trying to regain that initial excitement.

Try to image myself as the character, maybe act out what they're doing or ask myself what they might be feeling.

Try to imagine and experience the scene with my senses (touch, taste or smell, sight, sound) either as the character or an onlooker

Is the environment hot, cold, temperate, wet, dry, damp, etc?
What do I feel on my skin, the hot sun, a gentle breeze, the spray from a waterfall?
Do I feel anything in my hands?

taste or smell
Is there a scent or something to taste in the environment? Is it pleasant or something else?

Is it dark, light, dusk. Can I see? What do I see?

What, if anything, can I hear? Is it loud or quiet, near or far, jarring or pleasant, or something else?