New Art on Dura-Lar Part 2

Drawing on the polyester film was like running my hands across a length of satin fabric. This was the first time I've used it. For the most part I was able to build up fairly rich values, and erase back to a pretty clean surface. However I did manage to create a permanent mark. I think I used too hard of a pencil and pressed too firmly.

value study of digital black and white color over pencil drawing
Digital "paint" over a scan of an early version of the pencil drawing.

As usual, I did value studies before developing the drawing. Here's the one I liked best.









pencil drawing on matte polyester film
Pencil drawing on matte polyester film. I drew the lines on one side and built up the values on the opposite side. Doing this gives me the feeling of more freedom to experiment with the values and mark making without losing my line drawing.

Meet "Jack in the Green". I tried to keep the spirit of the study, the mood, as I worked on the pencil drawing. Here's a shot of the completed drawing. As the project progresses, my plan is to experiment with loosening up and explain less visually.